OneShader is an online tool for creating and sharing WebGL fragment shaders. You don't have access to 3D models, textures, buffers or any other (external) resources, so it's just one fragment shader and your imagination. By offering a very restrictive environment we hope to stimulate creativity.

You can read the OneShader Syntax Reference first or directly start writing your own shader here.

Can I expect extra features?

The shaders on OneShader are really just one single fragment shader: the use of 3D models, textures, buffers or any other (external) resources is not possible.

These limitations will remain. So do not expect new features and functionality to be added in this area in the future.

However, you may expect that we will continuously try to improve the user experience of this site. In addition, we will continue to add functionality that makes it easier to write, manage, share or export your shaders.

Why not use Shadertoy?

To be honest, in the vast majority of cases it is better to use Shadertoy. Not only is the functionality of Shadertoy many times greater than what OneShader can offer, but, more importantly, the knowledge of the Shadertoy community is unequalled.

However, if you are looking for a fast and light-weight environment to publish a single fragment shader, OneShader may be the right tool for you. Adjustable uniforms may be an interesting feature, and we really hope that all the artificial restrictions of OneShader will stimulate your creativity.

Software requirements

To run OneShader it is recommend that you use the latest version of one of the following browsers:


You can support the development of OneShader by giving feedback on how to improve this website. Feel free to report bugs, suggest improvements or request new features.
If you want, you can also buy me a coffee. Donations are highly appreciated and will be used to cover hosting costs and to buy (more) coffee.


  • OneShader is created by Reinder Nijhoff (@ReinderNijhoff).
  • OneShader is largely based on code developed for Turtletoy, an online tool to create generative art using a minimalistic javascript Turtle graphics API.
  • A very special thanks to Íñigo Quílez and Pol Jeremias for creating Shadertoy, the inspiration behind OneShader.